Will Rogers Learning Community

Parent Teacher Association

Will Rogers PTA is very active in providing volunteer assistance, community events, and financial support to the school. Monthly meetings are open to all parents. You can find more information on our PTA website: www.willrogerspta.com

Will Rogers PTA Objectives
  • To promote the welfare of children and youth
  • To encourage greater inclusion among our diverse community
  • To appoint to key positions in PTA people who represent our diverse community
  • To continue to provide arts programming, additional science curriculum staffing, 3rd grade poetry (and all other programs we currently fund and support)
  • To institute various educational partnerships with the community at large
  • To recruit additional members of our community to assist in all PTA efforts

Contact the Will Rogers PTA

To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, please send an email to wrlcpta@gmail.com, and simply enter "subscribe" in the subject line. You can also email us to ask any questions, or find out how to become a Room Parent or a member of the PTA.

Join our parent discussions group at www.facebook.com/willrogersLC

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