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Language Arts

Learn to Read at StarFall For PreK-2 graders, use interactive games to learn the ABCs, how to make words and sentences, and how to read!


Rainbow ABC Click on the letter to hear its name and see an animated picture. Grades PreK-1.

Alphabet Action Click on the letter to hear its name and see a picture. Grades PreK-1.

ABC Order Click on the missing letter to complete the alphabet. Grades K-1.

A. B. Cow Put in the missing letter by typing on the keyboard. Grades K-1.

Alphabet Garden Put in the missing letters in the alphabet. Grades K-2.

Alphabet Bears ABC Put the bears wearing shirts with different words on them in A-Z order. Grades K-2.

Alphabetical Order 1 Drag the words, with pictures, into A-Z order. Grades 1-2.

Alphabetical Order 2 Drag the words into A-Z order. Same design as #1 above but with harder words and no pictures. Grades 2-3.

Alphabetical Order 3 Put words in alphabetical order. Fun and challenging. Grades 3-4.

Alphabetical Order 4 Put words in alphabetical order. Gets more and more difficult! Grades 4-5.

Rhymes, Stories and Poetry

Mother Goose Pages A-Z index and full-text of Mother Goose rhymes.

Mama Lisa’s World Children’s songs and nursery rhymes from around the world.

Stories for First Readers Stories on three reading levels, each with complete audio and graphics.

I’m Reading! Interactive plays, stories, comics, folktales, myths, and fables with bright illustrations to encourage reading.

Compound Words
Compound Words Drag and drop words to make compound words.


Analogy Pop ups Choose the correct word from four possible answers to complete the analogy. Grades 3+

Analogies Jeapardy 1 A one- or two- player game of Jeopardy using analogies. Grades 4+

Analogies Jeopardy 2 Another one- or two- player game of Jeopardy using analogies. Grades 4+


Numeracy – BBC Games, printable worksheets, math songs, and animated cartoons. Grades PreK-5.


NatureWorks Animals Information on 208 different animals and animal behavior in general.

Exploratorium Online Exhibits Online activities explore seeing, matter, the mind, life science, and hearing.

Yahoo! Kids Science Interactive displays and a directory of science websites for kids.

Social Studies

Gold Rush! Oakland Museum’s online exhibit on the California Gold Rush. Includes history, art, and alternate perspectives of the Gold Rush.

Colonial Williamsburg Information on daily life in colonial America and the Revolutionary War.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government Learning tools for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. Click on the kite at the top to choose the grade level. Good diagrams and printouts.

American Girl Learn about the lives of 8 young girls in America's past. Some pages have games.

United States Puzzle Drag and drop the states in the right place.

Black History Timeline An informative timeline developed by Time for Kids online magazine.

H.I.P. Pocket Change History in Your Pocket - through games, stories, and other engaging activities, showcases the connection between this country's coins and its people.

English Language Development

Web Sites for English Language Learners Sites that give students English language practice in the classroom or at home sorted by grade level. Grades 1-8.

Activities for ESL Students Thousands of quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help students learn English as a Second Language sorted by type of activity and level of difficulty. Multiple languages. Grades 4+

Newspapers and Magazines

National Geographic Kids Games, animals, stories, photos, and activities. Grades 2+

Time for Kids The online news magazine for kids. Grades 3+

Sports Illustrated for Kids Games, statistics, videos, photos, and jokes. Grades 3+

New York Times Learning Network An in-depth newspaper for students. Click on the headlines to get the stories. Includes ideas and activities for teachers. Grades 4+

Other Kid's Sites

Little Animals Activity Center Activities for kids to learn at home. Grades PreK-3.

Kidport Activities and resources that match the curriculum at each grade level and each subject. Grades K-8.

BBC Schools A complete companion to all school subjects. Grades PreK-high school.

Scholastic Online Activities Activities and resources that match the curriculum at each grade level and each subject. Grades PreK-12.

Comic Creator Create your own comics!

Yahoo! Kids Games, music, movies, jokes, sports, homework help, and reference materials.


Gamequarium A portal of hundreds of games linked to all PreK-6 subjects. Amazing selection!

PBS Games Fun games that develop language and math skills for kids PreK-2.

Pauly’s Playhouse Games for kids K-2.

FunBrain Fun learning games for kids grades K-8.

FunSchool More fun learning games for kids PreK-6.

Book Lists

Santa Monica-Malibu USD Summer Reading Lists View and download the 2007 summer reading lists.

100 Best Books for Kids 100 best books for children chosen by the National Education Association.

Children’s Notable Lists Lists of the year’s notable books, recordings, videos, and software compiled by the Association for Library Service to Children.

Newbery Medal The Newbery Medal homepage with a complete list of all winners.

Caldecott Medal The Caldecott Medal homepage with a complete list of all winners.

International Children’s Digital Library A digital library of books in at least 100 languages that is freely available to children, teachers, librarians, parents, and scholars throughout the world.

California Department of Education (CDE) List of Recommended Literature Collection of outstanding literature for children and adolescents in grades kindergarten through grade twelve. All of the books on this database are “adopted” by the School Board as supplemental material and may be used in age-appropriate classrooms. Some Board-adopted materials are not on this list, however. Please ask a librarian for more information.

Tools for Teachers and Parents

Digital Librarian A librarian’s selection of best websites on all topics.

Great Web Sites for Kids The American Library Association’s collection of websites for kids covering all topics.

Thinkfinity Web Search Find quality Internet content for your classroom by limiting searches by subject and/or grade level.

ReadWriteThink Student Resources A collection of online student materials to support literacy in the K-12 classroom.

CyberBee Curriculum ideas, research tools, treasure hunts, web projects, and web links for all curricular areas.

Discovery Education Lesson planner, teaching tools (brain boosters, clip art gallery, puzzlemaker, etc.), and a link to Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators.

CricketWeb Free interactive educational resources.

Web Searches

KidsClick! The web search for kids by librarians.

KidSpace @ Internet Public Library Search the web or browse different topics.

Research Tools

Research Rocket A fun tutorial on the research process.

Copyright with Cyberbee Interactive copyright questions and answers.

The Super3 Three steps to help kids grades K-2 solve problems.

The Big6 Six steps to help kids grades 3-6 solve problems.


eLibrary Elementary
A complete reference database for all types of research.

World Book Online
English and Spanish Language encyclopedia articles, as well as related websites and periodical articles.

SIRS Discoverer
Historical and up-to-date information related to social studies and science.

Explore the 50 states of the US and the countries of the world.

Santa Monica Public Library
Find library materials, get homework help, and attend a fun event.

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