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Homework is a part of your child’s instructional program designed to provide the practice that young children need when learning to read and write, develop number sense, memorize math facts, and become young scientists and engineers. Teachers give homework to provide independent practices of skills and concepts students learn during the school day. Becoming a proficient reader requires lots of student practice, so your child should be reading books independently or with an adult every day. At Will Rogers Learning Community, we believe that homework is:

  • meaningful and supports the learning experiences of all students;
  • connected to grade level/subject matter curriculum and class instruction; and
  • most effective when it’s engaging, purposeful, and relevant.

Homework Guidelines

  • Teachers consider the students’ individual academic needs when assigning homework.
  • Students should be able to complete homework independently.
  • Parents may want to create a designated homework spot at home for children to complete homework.

Homework Times

At WLRC, teachers give homework Monday’s-Thursdays. There may be some nights when teachers do not assign homework, but independent reading should happen every night. Homework assignments should take no longer than:

Grade Level


Suggested Reading Times
Independently or With Adult)

10 to 15 minutes
20 Minutes
15 to 20 minutes
20 Minutes
20 to 30 minutes
20 Minutes
30 to 40 minutes
30 Minutes
40 to 50 minutes
30 Minutes
50 to 60 minutes
30 Minutes

Homework Communication

If it is taking your child an excessive amount of time to complete homework assignments, or if you have any other questions about homework, please communicate with the teacher. We want to work with you to make homework time productive and positive.

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