Will Rogers Learning Community


Cool Tools is a K-5 safe school program that originated at the UCLA Lab School and is now implemented in all of the elementary schools in our district, as well as expanding to our Middle Schools. As a SAFE SCHOOL, we at Will Rogers Learning Community are committed to a caring community for learning in a safe environment. Therefore, we will adhere to the following guidelines:

The premise of Cool Tools is to help students build, maintain and repair relationships and also learn how to handle conflict. The focus of the program is on prevention through instruction. Students are explicitly taught behavioral strategies, or "tools", to both avoid and effectively deal with put-downs. Children learn the tools through structured lessons, games, literature and role-playing. Along with the tools, teachers help children develop a common language for understanding and mediating conflicts that can take place outside during recess or in the classroom.

The first tool in the Cool Tool Box is "Nice Dice." Foam dice are used in a game to foster positive communication and develop the skill of giving an affirmation, compliment or in Cool Tool language, a "put-up." Teachers will discuss with students the meaning of both put-ups and put-downs and illustrate how put ups are a tool to rebuild a relationship that has been damaged by a put-down. The Cool Tools formula estimates that it usually takes five put ups to repair one put- down. To reinforce this concept, staff agreed that whenever or wherever they are on campus, if they hear a student using a put-down, they will stop and tell the student, "that is not okay at Will Rogers."

This is the first tool in guiding students through the process of understanding how communication can prevent conflict. If you would like to know more about Cool Tools, please see your child's teacher and/or attend our Family Night on Safe Schools October 25th.

  1. We will be respectful of differences of all types -- physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. We will choose our words and actions to help and not hurt others. We will keep our school free of verbal and non-verbal put-downs, especially about:
    • learning
    • how people look and act
    • how people speak
    • beliefs or ideas
    • cultural or ethnic background
    • family or friends
    • physical abilities
    • athletic performance
  2. We will respect all personal and school property
  3. We will use school-appropriate language and behavior
  4. We will not tolerate teasing, threats or harassment of any type including gender stereotypes and homophobic taunts
  5. We will not tolerate physical abuse

As a Safe School, we will accept responsibility for our words and actions without excuses and treat others as we would want to be treated.

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